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Inotec 412 CD High Volume Production Document Scanner

120PPM Colour Duplex

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Title: Inotec 412 CD High Volume Production Document Scanner
Manufacturer: InoTec
Description: 120PPM/240IPM Bitonal / Greyscale / Colour Duplex. A4 - A are the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for the Inotec range of production document scanners. They are ideal for large volume end user clients such as Insurance, NHS, Census, Election and Mailroom applications as well as busy Document Conversion Bureaus.

The Inotec 402, 412 and 422 scanners offer bitonal / colour throughput of between 90 to 150ppm and are characterised by a number of key advantages.

  • No Daily Volume Limits
  • No Consumable Costs
  • Minimal consumable requirements
  • Incredibly low life time ownership costs
  • 90 and 120ppm models upgradeable as required

All scanners will be supported by nationwide in-house field maintenance engineers.

According to recent statistics of the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (, employees spend 3.5 hours per week every year searching for information they can’t find. An educated guess says that most of this searching is through paper files. In high-volume paper environments, today’s digitizing workflow management requires InoTec’s combination of complex document scanning technology and operator simplicity…turning the search from hours into minutes.

InoTec document scanner Innovations include:

  • Scan workstation
  • Integrated touch screen
  • Glass-free paper guides
  • Document indexing
  • Gigabit/Ethernet interface
  • Physical design for field upgrades
  • High image quality
  • Excellent throughput speed
  • Ability to feed less-than-perfect documents (bent, torn, etc.)

Triple Innovation.  InoTec's 400 Series opens a new dimension in document capture. Utilisng new and innovative technology, it has increased product reliability and scanning throughput for even the most difficult of scanning projects.  Image enhancements and processing are now handled by the scanner's own internal hardware - improving work flow productivity by eliminating the need for time consuming post processing on an external PC. 

The InoTec 400 Series has a newly designed feeder concept which ensures that a widely varying range of documents can be fed automatically through the scanner. Even the thinnest of paper is transported through the scanner reliably ensuring minimum downtime due to miss-feeds. Purchasing the InoTec 400 Series is a safe and secure investment thanks to InoTec's innovative upgrade path. The scanner can be upgraded at any time to meet changing production requirements.

Unique Product Advantages

  • German Engineering - metal chassis, built for 24/7 operation, no plastic, less static, less cleaning, unlimited duty cycle. 
  • No Glass Guide - no scratching, no black stripes on image, less cleaning, doesn't brake.  Staples and paper clips can pass through scanner without a care. 
  • Touch Screen Communication Panel - simplifies operation of advanced functions. 
  • Scan speeds identical at either 200dpi or 300dpi. Field upgradeable from 90ppm/180ipm to 120ppm/240ipm to 150ppm/300ipm - bitonal / gray and color models. 
  • Pre- and Post-Scan Imprinter - prints freely definable information - included as standard.  
  • Pre- and Post-Scan Bates Numbering - digital endorsing - included as standard. 
  • Automatic Feeder - great for thin and thick document batches. 
  • Scanner throat at industry leading 12.5 inches. 
  • Piezoceramic Double-Feed Ultrasound Sensors - 3 sensors individually controlled across entire document width and across individual document areas. 
  • Long Life Belt Transport System - silent, durable, easy to clean, can transport documents as small as 1.10 inches wide. 
  • Can Be Adjusted To Run Slower - advantageous for very tricky batches. 
  • Inexpensive Spares/Consumables - LED lighting and belt transport provide for only one consumable to worry for input feeder. 
  • Can Read Barcodes From Raw Image - higher recognition ratio. 
  • Connection to scanner via fastest transfer rate - modern GigaBit Ethernet Interface. 
  • Multi-stream triple output (color, grayscale, bitonal) without affecting throughput. 
  • ISIS, and TWAIN compatible. 
  • colErase for color dropout of full color spectrum. 
  • Color and White Calibration Profiles to ensure optimum output quality. 
  • Energy Star/Energy Saving - utilizes an energy saving high performance illumination system, no warm-up time for the lamps - instantly usable upon power on. 
  • Small footprint - speed of a floor standing scanner in an ergonomic desktop design.


402 BS 90ppm (180ipm) Bitonal,  Simplex
402 BD 90ppm (180ipm) Bitonal,  Duplex
402 CS 90ppm (180ipm) Colour,  Simplex
402 CD 90ppm (180ipm) Colour,  Duplex
412 BS 120ppm (240ipm) Bitonal,  Simplex
412 BD 120ppm (240ipm) Bitonal,  Duplex
412 CS 120ppm (240ipm) Colour,  Simplex
412 CD 120ppm (240ipm) Colour,  Duplex
422 BS 150ppm (300ipm) Bitonal,  Simplex
422 BD 150ppm (300ipm) Bitonal,  Duplex
422 CS 150ppm (300ipm) Colour,  Simplex
422 CD 150ppm (300ipm) Colour,  Duplex



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