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Document, Records Management and Capture Software

Online document repository and capture software

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Document scanners

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Book scanners


Photo / X-ray scanners


  • Sophisticated SQL database migration projects
  • Web hosting of documents and records
  • Conversion of "shared drive data" into online searchable files.

  • With Crosscap Capture Software, you can digitise large quantities of documents while providing them with a legally compliant electronic signature.
  • Crosscap offers a multitude of options for image processing, for text and barcode recognition and for processing documents in batches.
  • As a single- or multi-user solution, Crosscap supports the common scanners in the market and can be incorporated into existing system-environments as DMS, ECM or ERP.
  • The Crosscap target groups are all users who require high-performance software for document capturing. This could mean small or medium-sized companies, but it could also include banks and insurance companies, governmental agencies or organisations from the health sector.


As each software application is different please click here to send us more information about your application so we can respond to you in person.